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Blackboard Login Instructions | Saddleback College
How to Login to Blackboard   Go to the Saddleback homepage ( Mouse over the Online Education menu and then click on the Blackboard link. Username is the first part of the student

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The Center provides online course design assistance, instructional technology training and ongoing course support.  Our team promotes excellence in teaching and student engagement in face-to-face, blended, flipped or fully online classes.  Meet

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The Blackboard Reference Guide is a basic guide to help instructors get started with Blackboard as well as online learning environment. FAQs How do I get started with Blackboard? Email and set up an a

, or you can click on the Blackboard Logo located at the top-left of this page, and enter your username and password. You should see the Blackboard login page. Click the LOGIN button on the left site. The next screen takes you to the authentication

Blackboard Kseniya Orlovska Social and Behavioral Science, Psychology Department Saddleback College Home Psychology 7 To access your Blackbard account: Go to Click the LOGIN button on the left side. The next screen

MySite and Blackboard Login Change
On Monday, March 24th we are changing the way MySite and Blackboard authenticate users when they log in. The district has supported two